Single Parenting

Parenting Strategies in a Pinch for Busy Dads

  Parenting strategies designed for a busy working father might sound like a joke. The term “busy dad” today is an understatement-and that’s no surprise. Recent statistics show that dads are finding it difficult to find common ground between providing for their families financially and spending quality time with their families. With the adult-related drudgery […]

The pursuit of being Successfully Single

The term “being single” is often used to describe the state of a person being alone and not in a committed relationship. Although there are people who have made a conscious choice to be single, many struggle with their identities due to their past or present circumstances.  With the added pressures and expectations of an […]

Dads need to stay in the Role of Parent-not Best Friend

I see a lot of parents today who are overly concerned with being a friend to their child or being liked than they are about effective parenting. There are a lot of parents who want to break away from the authoritarian style of parenting which they themselves may have been raised. Authoritarian parents can be […]

Grandparents: The Family safety net for Single Parents

I think we all can agree that in the last couple of decades grandparents have become more physically and financially supportive raising their grandchildren. Whether they’re filling in for parents who are absent, battling addictions, or other unfortunate circumstances, grandparents are stepping up to the plate while young parents are struggling to make ends meet […]

Why Love and Marriage is Difficult for Single Dads

According to the tune by Frank Sinatra, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. The twin concepts may seem overwhelming and even delusional to a single father contemplating on the idea of diving right back into the dating pool after an unsuccessful marriage. Every dad that has gone through a divorce knows […]

How to be an Effective Single Father

  Being a single father today is indeed very challenging. One has to provide the basic needs of the children such as food, shelter, clothing and education. Besides that, a single father finds out rather quickly that their sons and daughters need more than that. They know that in order to properly raise their children […]

How Successful Single Parenting Influences Secure and Confident Kids

No doubt about it, raising children is hard. It’s difficult and challenging to be a parent today, and it’s even more stressful to raise children alone as a single parent. For single parents who have chosen to raise their children alone, the burden is not as hard as with the burden of a single parent […]

The Facts on Single Parent Families

Single parent families have exponentially grown in number in recent history. At present, estimates show that about one-fourth of all children in the country today are being raised in single-parent households. This translates to nearly 14 million single parents in the U.S. today. Additional data on single parents reveal that: •    There are more single […]

Characteristics of Successful Single Parenting

Successful single parenting is pursuing a healthy balance of providing for the well being of our children emotionally and physically, while maintaining the same care for ourselves as well.

Dads Raising Daughters:Your Influence is Important

A father who is a positive male role model with his daughter will strengthen her ideals and confidence about who she is, and enhanced her perspective of authentic masculinity.


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