Successful Marriage: Fact or Fiction

Is there really such a thing as a successful marriage? Much like the Loch Ness monster, Unidentified Flying Objects, and Sasquatch, a truly happy marriage sounds like a myth. If marriage was a book, it would be stacked in the mystery section of any library. Yes, the perfect marriage is an unanswered question to most […]

Dads Relationships: Marriage and Fellowship of Friends

Why are men sometimes blind to the problems which exist in our relationships? I know, for myself, that I get so absorbed watching the ground immediately in front of me for the next two or three steps, but I forget to glance up to see if I’m going in the right direction. There is really […]

Leadership: A Father’s Vision and Purpose

A father who leads accepts the responsibility for the well being of his family, and helps them achieve their full potential. He understands accountability and does not lead in isolation.


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