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Dads making a Midlife Career Change

In this jobless economy, the thought of a midlife career change is on the mind of a lot of dad’s nationwide and possibly worldwide. This movement is not fueled by the mental or emotional transition (midlife crisis) a man would normally experience around his 40s. It has more to do with the downsizing of companies […]

Unemployed dads work to find their place at home

BY PAUL NYHAN, P-I REPORTER Working Dad may soon become Non-Working Dad. Two weeks ago, the Seattle P-I’s owner decided to pull the plug on the print newspaper, and that likely means I’ll join the growing ranks of stay-at-home dads — at least until I find work. After two decades of making deadlines, the idea of making […]

How To Start Affiliate Marketing And Earn Money From Home?

By Tyler B Moore Affiliate marketing has caught on in a big way in recent times and a lot of people are interested to know how to start affiliate marketing. A whole lot of companies are utilizing affiliate programs to push up the online sales of their products. Online marketing is the new mantra and […]

The Most Valuable Career Trait for the Future

By Bill Ryan; Wouldn’t it be great if we could just look at a reliable list of the guaranteed jobs of the future and plan our careers accordingly? We could make sure that education and training choices were cost-effective. Lifestyle stability would result from certain employment predictability. Anxiety stemming from career and work-related decision making […]

Resume Writing: How to Organize Your Resume

by Hallie Crawford, MA, CPCC Writing out your career resume can be a daunting task. Whether it’s the very first resume you’ve ever created, or you’re trying to reconstruct your resume for a brand new field, sometimes it’s tough to know what to include or where to begin. Even if you’re having a professional resume […]

Career Shift During a Recession

One of the ways to cope with recession is considering a career shift. Not too many like the idea of changing career plans during a downturn. However, if you have already felt the effect of recession-say you’ve been laid off, why not give a different career path the chance, right? It may not have quickly […]

6 Factors Of Career Success

What do employers look for in potential employees? That was the question that was posted recently on a career discussion forum outline. Naturally for each different position, the particular answers to that question would be different. However, there are some common skills that employers look for and all employees, whether they employee happens to be […]

Resiliance Is One Of The Vital Keys To Success

Get tips on career development and opportunities, online education, and health resources tailored for today’s dads.

Career Chemistry

Identifying your characteristics can help you land a career that is compatible with your personality.


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