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Co-parenting: Achieving a Working Relationship after Divorce

Chances are, when a husband and wife are expecting, they communicate to each other about how they are going to parent their children. Expectant parents usually begin to develop a parenting plan consisting of important issues such as discipline, behavior expectations, and so on. I think this to be a big challenge considering the different […]

The Effects of Divorce on a Dad

It’s never easy when a marriage relationship ends. A relationship that is torn apart can turn your world inside out and cause painful and uneasy feelings with everyone involved. There are several effects of divorce that a couple will experience once reconciliation is not possible. There is a legal effect where you and your ex-spouse […]

Do Dads get the Raw End of the Deal after Divorce

They say that a divorced father typically gets the raw end of the deal psychologically after a separation. In addition, he usually draws the short stick financially through the divorce ordeal. There is a grave misconception that the estranged wife tends to be the aggrieved party in a divorce, while the ex-husband bolts out like […]

The Aftermath of Divorce and How Fathers Can Come Through

Post divorce is generally the most challenging and difficult phase for any parent to adjust to.  Here, you deal with the same people yet take on different roles and live in an unfamiliar setting. It is difficult for the mere reason that financial and custodial obligations are set and must be given attention. Of course, […]

Dad Dating After Divorce

By Francis K Githinji The most coarse of all things in the life of a divorced man is the energy and confidence to begin dating again. The fear is there, burning their soul and making them look like the worst failures in life, and what follows suit might lead to intense emotional breakdown. The main […]


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