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There are Super Heros Among Us

This summer, we are getting slammed with movies featuring comic book superheros and they’re turning out to be the biggest blockbusters in history. With the Avengers kicking off this summer’s action movies, and the amazing Spiderman and the dark Knight rises appearing soon, there seems to be a common theme arising. In today’s society like […]

A Mother’s Day Tribute to Four Special Moms

This year I would like to make a Mother’s Day tribute to four special women in my life. Each woman-unique in her own way, is actively living out virtues that hold true to the nature of motherhood. Although their family settings may be different, their parenting styles serve one main goal. The four special women […]

Sometimes I feel like Captain Chameleon

I remember some years back, when spending quality time with my two sons meant playing Legos, afternoons at the local park, or just helping dad work around the house. But now they are 11 and 14, and it seems that I have sub consciously adapted to a whole new stage of parenting. It seems as […]

Marriage Advise from a Divorced Dad?

Why not! A lot of people might be curious to see what kind of marriage advice (good or bad) a divorced dad has to offer. In my earlier article “Successful marriage: fact or fiction”, I expressed some suggestions on what a husband and wife can do to maintain a healthy relationship and happy marriage. Some […]

Dad, You Need to Listen With Your Eyes

Back about six years ago after my divorce, I used to think that I was the only person on earth dealing with the after effects of a marriage and family breakup. As a newly divorced parent, my mind seemed to be all over the place and a very limited attention span. I spent a lot […]


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